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We would also like to thank the following people for their contributions:

  • Dr Chris Mol, Edward Tonkin and THET, whose materials have formed the basis of much of the content included.

  • Dr Carwyn Hooper, senior lecturer in Medical Ethics and Law at St George’s University of London.

  • Sheetal Kavia, Luke Woodham and the eLearning team at St George’s University of London.

  • Humatem, whose online guidelines have been extremely helpful and whose factsheets we have attached to this course.

  • Presh Pande, Farah Joy, Annapoorani Muthiah, Kith Lee and the Medical Student Aid Project (MSAP), as well as Dr Pierre Hemming for contributing his experiences with MSAP.

  • Alba Saenz de Villaverde and MedAid Edinburgh, as well as Omar Jammeh for contributing his experiences in The Gambia.

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Medical Equipment Donations to Low Resource Settings

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