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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsPicture the scene… You are working on an important piece of academic writing. You encounter so many sources of information… journals, books, previous studies, blogs… You don’t know where you should start from… what sources to read… and worse case, you don’t know what you are doing… If you have had a similar experience, this module is exactly designed for you. No academic professionals would start writing their study without carefully planning it. They have a very organised system to know what they need to do… which is a ‘literature review.’ First of all, what is literature review? Why is it so important for business psychologists? For me… literature review is very much like wine making. The first step of wine production is picking grapes.

Skip to 1 minute and 4 secondsYou have to carefully select right grapes for what kind of wine you want to make. After the grapes are sorted, they are fermented, observed and analysed to be good wine. As a business psychologist, you can’t write a dissertation without screening the right sources, articles and data; moreover, you have to know how to understand them. So before taking a final dissertation you have one crucial step to take – to learn about project planning and research skills. This course will help you to develop the project for your final dissertation, a literature review and a business plan Writing an academic paper without a well-thought out literature review can lead to serious problems such as plagiarism.

Skip to 1 minute and 58 secondsIn this program, we will delve into different types of literature review such as traditional and systematic. You will also learn about searching for articles, quality assessment, ethics and how to apply these in a business plan. After you’ve gone through these stages step by step, you can appreciate fruitful… tasty outcome. Cheers!

Welcome to the course

Watch Andre Soares, assistant professor in Business and Organisational Psychology at Coventry University, introduce the program Project Planning and Research Skills and the course Systematic Literature Review.

You will notice that some of what Andre has to say in the video is addressed to learners enrolled on the online MSc Business and Organisational Psychology degree. Much of what he has to say is relevant to open learners, however, especially his explanation of the meaning of the term ‘literature review’ and why these are so important to business psychologists.

We look forward to exploring the topics raised with you over the next two weeks as well as providing you with tools to understand how you might improve your own area of practice.

This week we will:

  • Introduce the key themes of this course
  • Define the systematic literature review

This short course is the introductory two-week course for the Project Planning and Research Skills program, which forms part of the MSc Business and Organisational Psychology online degree at Coventry University, delivered on FutureLearn.

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Andre Soares

Your lead educator is Andre Soares, PhD, MSc, BSc, FHEA, CPsychol – senior lecturer in Business and Organisational Psychology and course director for MSc Business and Organisational Psychology at Coventry University.

You can follow Andre by selecting the link to his FutureLearn profile page and choosing ‘Follow’. That way, you’ll be able to see all the comments that he makes.

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