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Skip to 0 minutes and 10 seconds And the third problem is very much like this, Wuwei Anything Wu in the west is bad it is negative you do not want to be negative, we are into positive thinking in the west Soit sounds as if you have been invited not to do something That is very dangerous in the west it sounds like being passive But in the DDJ, not acting we have to explain to westerners is a way of acting even a recommended mode of acting or governing So not to act can be a positive thing For instance The DDJ 60 says to be a governor or authority do not keep busy do not keep rushing around doing things it is like cooking a small fish do something quickly and stop and see what the outcome will be Do not turn it over too often So the Dao is the way things happen And it presumes you are not the center of the world that actually there are forces moving around the world which are much bigger than you are and which you have to pay attention to And if those forces are against you this is not a time to be pushing against them this is a time to intuit and go with them Even emperors have to recognize that there are more powerful forces than they even as the chief person in China This example is striking to me it comes from 1950 It comes from surviving cables in which Mao Zedong cabled to Zhou Enlai on the issue of whether or not the People’s Liberation Army should be sent to Korea And Mao said something like this it is better for us to go ahead and it will be worse for us if we do not No western leader would ever justify actions in this way Where does this habit of mind come from It is perhaps not from the DDJ itself but from an enduring Chinese mentality that incorporated a double probing of actions you have to decide what will be case if you go ahead but if you do not go ahead something else will happen It is not depending on your choice all the time You can decide to go or not but you have to evaluate both possibilities No one thinks of Mao Zedong as a traditional Chinese thinker but this is an example of how the mentality of Chinese people is part of his approach to the world And what is interesting about that is Mao Zedong had no use of the DDJ But at the same time, he was in the same mentality which is regarded as extremely sophisticated

Anything Wu in the west is bad

For Westerners anything Wu in the west is bad and negative, it sounds as if you had been invited not to do anything. Dao is the way things happen. We are not the center of the world; there are forces moving around the world which are much bigger than we are and which we have to pay attention to. We need to just follow Dao, so not to act can be a positive thing.

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