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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds So what should you do now? Think about sore throat prescribing in your practice. Maybe do an audit on prescribing. And come back as a group and discuss that because you want to be all following a similar prescribing pattern. Is the default position in your practice a delayed prescription or no prescription? And if not, why not? Challenge that using the evidence which I presented to you today. Talk about feverPAIN. Put the link to that on everyone’s desktop. And then, repeat the audit next year.

Summary of Week 3 and Downloadable Action Plan

So what can you do now to implement an effective antibiotic strategy for sore throat in your practice? Watch the video for some action plan ideas from Michael Moore.

We hope you have enjoyed Week 3 and that you found the discussion with Professor Michael Moore useful.

In Week 4 we will we consider the real world management of patient expectations and back up prescriptions. We hope you’ll continue your learning journey with us.

If you would like to watch the full video which was included in the PHE TARGET webinar series and includes the live panel discussion and useful links please follow this link to the TARGET webinar.

Use of health behavioural pledges have shown to increase knowledge and influence behaviour. As part of this course we encourage you to create an action plan like the downloadable version that is available as a link at the bottom of the page. This form also gives you the opportunity to reflect back on each week of the course as you work through them, making valuable notes for future reference.

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