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Learning Outcomes for Week 6

Learning Outcomes for Week 6

By the end of Week 6 you will have an increased:

  1. understanding that a whole team approach can increase the effectiveness of antimicrobial stewardship strategies.

  2. intention to involve the whole team in optimising antibiotic prescribing in their clinical setting.

  3. intention to make optimising antimicrobial prescribing a priority in their clinical setting.

  4. intention to make antimicrobial guidance available to all members of staff, including locums.

  5. intention to identify an antibiotic champion from their team.

  6. intention to undertake an antibiotic or infection related audit in their clinical setting.

  7. intention to develop an antibiotic action plan within their clinical setting.

  8. intention to share advice about self-care of infections with patients.

  9. intention to share leaflets (such as the TARGET patient leaflets) about length of illness, self-care, safety netting, and value of antibiotics with patients.

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