Building towards Week 2

Well done on reaching the end of Week 1! We know how busy you must be and we hope the advice and resources have been helpful. In these uncertain times it’s wonderful to have so many teachers coming together online, sharing ideas, and learning from each other.

This week we’ve discussed the challenges of moving classes or instruction from face-to-face to online, considered the importance of putting students at the centre of decision-making, and figured out some simple steps to remove barriers to their online learning success.

It’s likely you’ll have spent a good chunk of the week trying out different techniques, ideas and approaches to get your teaching and learning into an online environment, and sharing what you’ve been working on with your course peers.

Next week, we’ll start by pausing to consider the impact a move to an online context might be having on you - the teachers.

We’ll follow this by further exploring ideas to engage and involve your students, and building on your work in Week 1 to move your teaching and learning online. We hope you’ll be feeling more comfortable and ready to iterate and improve as you grow in confidence.


A simple question to round off the week: Can you describe how you’re feeling about online teaching in three words?

Update 26 March 2020 We wanted to share the responses so far in a visual way - we know it’s challenging but we love your inspirational optimism - Matt Jenner, Educator.

Most popular words so far - excited, challenged, hopeful, motivated, curious, overwhelmed, challenging

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