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Developing your teaching

Trying to take in new ideas and embed them into your practice is not easy. However, we stress the importance of critical reflection if you want to translate these ideas into practice, and also if you want to be effective in making changes in what you do.

Reflection grid

We recommend that you keep a personal record of all your work on the course, as a resource for refreshing your memory and continuing to refine your practice in the future. You can use a weekly reflection grid to help you.

Self-audit of your current practice

If you are a teacher, being able to identify your development needs and assess your own progress is a crucial part of professional practice. To do this we have created a self-audit for you to take now and at the end of the course. You can keep these as a record of your CPD.

There are no right or wrong answers, and you should answer honestly about where you are now, not where you want to be. Your answers will help you to identify what areas of practice you need to focus on the most as you progress through the course.

What’s in the self-audit

The self-audit asks you to look at your practice using the statements below:

  • I regularly use plants to provide inspirational contexts in my biology teaching.
  • I feel confident in my subject knowledge of plant science.
  • I can identify opportunities for using plants in practical work, other than for the topic of photosynthesis.
  • I plan my lessons to make links between areas of plant and animal biology.
  • I feel confident in using plants to teach key biological principles.
  • I challenge my student’s misconceptions about plant biology.
  • I work with my department to modify biology schemes of work to include plants where appropriate.

Feel free to discuss the statements via the comments on this step.


  1. Access the self-audit task and complete it.
  2. At the end of the survey, click My responses.
  3. Click Download as PDF.
  4. Save the PDF where you will be able to retrieve it to review at the end of the course.

GDPR statement: The self-audit task is hosted on JISC Online Surveys. STEM Learning will be the data controller for any personal data submitted, not FutureLearn. Further details on the opening page of the self-audit task.

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