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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds Welcome to Week 6, the final week of Teaching Computing. This week, we’ll be concentrating on the next steps you can take to develop your skills to teach the computing curriculum. We’ll be meeting Simon Humphries again from Computing at School, and he’ll tell you about how CAS can help, and about their master teacher program. We’ve also got some resources for subject leaders and information about writing school policies for computing. You will have a chance to discuss this with the other teachers on the course. Even for those of you who are not subject leaders, you might find this useful, as we’ll be talking about some whole school issues, which impacts on us all as teachers.

Skip to 0 minutes and 46 seconds There’s also an opportunity for you to audit your own skills and identify areas in which you think you might need to work on your knowledge and understanding. I hope that this course has been a useful part of your professional development. The course materials will remain accessible to you indefinitely, and I will keep an eye on discussions for a few more weeks. The #flteachcomp is always available for discussion and resource sharing on Twitter. The whole Teaching Computing team send you their best wishes. It’s been quite fun learning with you.

Introduction to Week 6

In this video, Helena introduces the final week’s content. We also have the opportunity for you to post outstanding questions from the whole course for Dave Gibbs to answer, see the Q&A step.

At the end of this week you are encouraged to complete an end-of-course self-audit task, drawing upon your Reflection Grids, to help you judge your own development through this course.

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Share how you have implemented what was covered in Weeks 1-5, and any barriers you have experienced to doing so. What has been the impact on you, your colleagues or your students?

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