Skip to 0 minutes and 8 secondsWelcome to week 5 of Teaching Computing. This week, our topic is digital citizenship and scholarship. We know that most children and young people use technology every day in their learning, both formally and informally. Yet sometimes, I wonder if they always approach this in the best way. Here at the University, many of my colleagues worry about how uncritical some students are about the information they find online. We do know that young people are prolific creators of digital content, and I am not sure we always harness this power in education. This week, we'll examine how technology can make a positive impact on learning in a variety of contexts. There are video lectures on these subjects.

Skip to 0 minutes and 47 secondsWe also look at the issue of what it means to be a good digital citizen, and what schools can do to help their pupils develop safe online habits. We'll give you an opportunity to test your own knowledge of this with online quizzes on these important topics. I'm looking forward to learning with you again.

Introduction to Week 5

In this video, Helena will be introducing the week’s content.

What have you managed to achieve in the past week? What improvements are you planning that might take a little longer to achieve?

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