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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second Although we often think of technology in terms of the latest digital tools, it can mean anything from an audio player to full internet access in the place where you work. The question of how far the new literacies of 21st century technology should or can be integrated into classroom language teaching is an interesting one. Some argue that the way we ask learners to access and produce information should reflect the ways that they do this in real life. But classrooms don’t always reflect the digital reality of the outside world. You’re going to listen to teachers talking about how technology has changed and also hasn’t changed the way they teach English. Who do you agree with? Has technology changed the way you teach?

Skip to 0 minutes and 53 seconds Well, I can say technology– I’ve never used much. Really, I won’t be grading students on that one! I’ve never used it much, but since the students have their cellphones, I always believed that Google has everything they need. And I always advise them that with the data panels that you have, instead of just gossiping, sending messages to each other, you can actually Google the poems that you’re doing. You get the notes. Google is rich with everything that you need in the classroom. So they can actually go to their poems, read the notes which are there. There are many– what is it?

Skip to 1 minute and 33 seconds There are many websites, where they can actually get the poems, which are actually prescribed, where they can do worksheets with answers, which are there. So that is the only way. Otherwise, I’m not that much on technology. Yes.

Skip to 1 minute and 52 seconds I’m not a great admirer of technology, because I think the teacher is the most important person in the classroom. And I feel that, over the years, technology has taken centre stage in the classroom. I personally feel that technology has more of an entertainment value in the classroom. But I still believe in the more conventional way of teacher and the student being the most important people in the classroom and not giving it away to technology to become the most important aspect in the classroom.

Skip to 2 minutes and 32 seconds Traditionally, until the last two– until I think 2013, we didn’t use technology at all in the classes. But now, the PowerPoint has been installed in almost all the classes in our institution, and we are using PowerPoints to teach our both undergraduate and postgraduate students. And we are also using the computer and the amplifier to do some listening practice and some speaking practice. We are also giving some visual input to the learners by using videos and projecting different text. So I think that this helps make the teaching and learning both enjoyable to us, as well as our students.

Skip to 3 minutes and 35 seconds So the response that we get from our students, our student teachers has made me feel very confident and satisfied, which we didn’t feel so far.

Skip to 3 minutes and 54 seconds While it did change a lot, technology now made my life as a teacher easier by providing lots of things that can help me teach my students, that can help the students learn as well. And it’s also a platform for communication between teachers and– among teachers and also students.

Skip to 4 minutes and 20 seconds Again, it did change the way I teach, especially in the way that it required me to do more preparation before teaching. At that time, in my school, we didn’t have a computer room. So before teaching, I had to dedicate some time to carry all the equipment– for example, the TV, the slide projector, everything into my class. So it required a lot of preparation as well as energy as well. Yeah. I think for an English teacher, knowing how to use the modern technology is very, very important, because there are so many resources all around.

Skip to 5 minutes and 6 seconds And some of them are pretty good for teachers to be adopted in the classroom to help teachers to learn English, but the most important thing is not to force ourselves to use modern technology in each class. It depends. If some technology can really help us to increase the efficiency of the teaching, then we can adapt them to some extent. But if we just want to use that technology for using the technology, sometimes we’ll get lost. And that’s not good to the students. So I think the most important is to know your real purpose of using a modern technology.

Has technology changed the way we teach?

Watch teachers talking about technology and how it has changed, or hasn’t changed the way they teach.

Technology for teaching could include any of the following things:

Internet connection Interactive whiteboard and digital applications for learning
Computers or laptops for learners Mobile phones or tablets
Laptop and projector Overhead projector
TV or DVD player CD or tape player

Over to you

  • Has technology changed the way you teach?
  • Is technology essential to teaching in the 21st century?

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