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Quote author unknown: If you stumble, make it part of the dance

Expectations of yourself

Whilst researching the material for this course, we came across one piece of sage advice which really stood out to us:

“Practice self-forgiveness. You’re going to make mistakes ….. you’re going to try to do something that you think will be very fun and interactive, and the kids will get confused.” (Mike Flynn, distance education trainer, 2020)

As teachers, we know that developing a positive climate for learning in the classroom means teaching pupils that ‘failing is part of learning’. Learning is not about getting the right answer, it’s about understanding where you went wrong, and trying again.

This move to remote teaching provides the opportunity to lead by example and model life-long learning. You can admit mistakes, work with your pupils to understand why it didn’t work and improve your methods, and try again.


In the next step, we’ll look at how you can start to develop a positive climate for learning with pupils.

Here, we’d like you to share ONE activity you have tried which didn’t work too well. What are your initial thoughts on how you would do it differently next time?

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