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Ranking and ordering statements

If your school or college learning platform does not have quiz functionality, Google Forms or Microsoft Forms can be used to create ranking and ordering activities, polls and quizzes.

These activities can be used as a precursor to tasks requiring students to justify their responses and structure their engagement with challenging ideas.

Ranking and ordering

Ranking and ordering lists, either through drag and drop functionality (Microsoft Forms) or grid responses (Google Forms), are quick to set up and gather student responses. One option is to allow students to view anonymous results of these tasks, to compare their responses with the rest of the class, and then to explain their reasoning. As a teacher, you can also view responses by individual, and draw upon these in subsequent activities to group students or respond in live sessions.

Presenting new information

Polls can be used to engage students with detailed information. Rather than just presenting new information as text to read, you can extract key points and create a poll activity, with students having to read the information before choosing an answer.

Similarly, quizzes do not have to be used for assessing students. Where an online quiz tool enables feedback to be automatically provided based on a response, the feedback can either reveal new information to elaborate on what was provided in the question, and the students’ response is a trigger to reveal different levels of detail. The students’ response might also trigger different feedback to sign post to different parts of a resource, based on their understanding or interest expressed.

Quizzes can also be used where the feedback provides a ‘model answer’ or ‘professional perspective’. In these cases, there is no ‘right’ answer, and the student’s response is not marked. The written feedback can be used by the student to compare thinking.

Exit tickets

Simple RAG rating polls or Google Forms can be used to make an exit ticket for students to share their thoughts with you after carry out an activity. You can then draw upon that quick data to inform where to go next with your teaching.

In the next step we look at how Google Forms can be used to create a think-pair-share activity.

Always refer to your school or college third-party tool policy and do not require students to submit personal data.

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