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Video update on the week's activities

Alison, Florence and Suzanne have provided feedback on the week’s activities in a videoed update.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

This was recorded in Southampton, Essex and Reading on Friday 9th October.

Tell us how this course impacts your work (optional)

Would you like to tell us more about your work and how the ideas in this course are having an impact on you?

The Universities of Southampton, Essex and Reading are carrying out a small piece of research to understand how far the ideas in this course will impact your work.

We’d like to invite all learners on this course to take part in three optional surveys. By taking part in these surveys, you’ll give us an idea of how important the research we have been working on is in practical terms. We will use the findings to understand the relevance and impact of our work. The Universities of Southampton, Essex and Reading will share anonymous data collected during the study with each other.

There are three surveys we would like you to complete: one at the end of each week of the course. Please complete all of them as they ask questions related to each week of the course.

There is a step with a new survey link at the end of each week. To take part in this week’s survey, please click the link below. You will be required to answer some multiple choice questions and some free text questions. It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Take part in the study - survey for week 1

The questionnaire asks you about your practice and this information can be given anonymously. We will ask you for some personal information but you do not have to give this if you do not wish to. Summarised findings will be shared in Research Impact Statements by each partner. All the information collected during this survey, will be stored and handled according to each University’s ethics and privacy policy. Read Southampton’s here. This research has been through the University of Southampton’s ethics governance process (ERGO ID 57138).

Thank you very much,

Alison, Florence and Suzanne.

Please note that this is an independent research study carried out by the Universities of Southampton, Essex and Reading and your participation is subject to each University’s own policies and terms. FutureLearn takes no responsibility for the contents or the consequences of your participation in this study. Your participation in the research has no effect on your course progress, marks or FutureLearn profile.

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