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Health and safety

Health and safety is a very important area that needs to be addressed when it comes to teaching not just biology but science in general. This course contains a variety of practical work such as teacher demonstrations and investigative work that can be undertaken by students.

Please remember that these are ideas and suggestions and that if you plan on undertaking any of these activities, or alternate versions with your students then you must follow the guidance provided by your local or national regulations. For England, Wales and Northern Ireland this can be found by accessing the CLEAPSS website or in Scotland you can find this through SSERC. If you are based anywhere else please ensure you check with your local health and safety regulator.

You should always write risk assessments for each practical activity you undertake with a class. These can often be adapted from existing risk assessments. If you have any questions about this please add them below, but remember we won’t be able to give you specific guidance but point you in the right direction.

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