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How are you developing approaches to progression?

Revisit step 3.1 and your original list of skills you wish 14-16 year old students should have for biology practical work.

As a result of your learning this week, has your approach to designing in progression to develop these skills in your students through practical work changed? Share your thoughts below or add them to your reflection grid.


Take a look at your reflection grid for this week. This week we provided demonstrations and practical work for the topic of microscopy. We have started to look at how a scheme of work can be evaluated for progression in skills. Are there any skills which are developed well across your scheme of work? Have you considered the role of practical work in the progression of knowledge?

Fill in this week’s reflection grid now if you haven’t already done so. If you have any outstanding questions from this week, post them to step 3.12 and we will address them in the end of course Q&A.

What’s been your key take-away from this week? Let others know about this course via social media with the hashtag #FLSTEMPractical.

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