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Definition of a solid

If children have the misconception that all solids are hard and are unable to be bent and squashed, a good activity to complete is the Explorify activity, Changing Shape. Watch this video as an example of how this misconception is being explored.

This activity asks children to explore lots of different materials that can all be moulded. The discussions that can be explored during this activity will emphasise with children the fact that although solids have particles that are arranged closely together, with force their shape can be altered.

If they believe that all solids are heavy, then when delivering this activity, be sure to include some materials that are light solids such as a sponge or a light plastic.


What solids would you use for discussions based on this activity? Post your suggestions below.

If you wish, take a look at the Explorify activity Changing Shape. The website is free to sign up to.

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