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Skip to 0 minutes and 7 seconds Welcome to week 2 of Teaching Practical Science: Getting Started. In week one you were able to discuss the importance of practical work and the impact it has on children’s engagement in science. You will have reflected on your own practice and identified areas for development. You will also considered the importance of a well-resourced lesson and developed your own resource box to use in the classroom. This week we build on your knowledge of enquiry and identify the different types of enquiry embedded within working scientifically. You will collaborate to produce a curriculum map that focuses on the coverage of different types of enquiry. You will explore how successful schools plan for enquiry at a whole school level.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 seconds And finally you will be supported to produce plans based on what your children already know and what they want to know.

Working scientifically

Welcome to week 2. This week, we will explore working scientifically and the different types of enquiry embedded within this area of learning. Through the exploration of practical enquiry you will build a working knowledge of the different types of enquiry and how to develop this in the classroom.

We will also consider how planning for enquiry within practical science is just as important as progression within subject knowledge and understanding. You will be able to develop a plan for teaching practical science and build a bank of ideas for teaching the different types of enquiry.

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