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Odd one out

Odd One Out activities help develop observation and discussion skills. You need 3 pictures or 3 real objects that are clearly linked.

There are no incorrect answers, meaning that every child can feel safe to have a go. The children should be encouraged first to notice anything the pictures have in common, then to talk with each other to find as many differences as possible. Finally, each child decides which is the odd one out and explains why.

Explorify odd one out images: wellington rubber boots next to a field, a child sitting on a bench wearing school shoes, a pile of plastic flip-flops on a green carpet

Look at the pictures above.

  • What is the same about the objects in all the pictures?
  • What is different about the objects in the pictures? List as many as you can, explaining your ideas.
  • Now choose your odd one out. You need to say why it is the odd one out for you.


In the discussion below tell us which you chose as the odd one out and why.

This example comes from Explorify (free login required).

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