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Concept Cartoons

All our primary subject knowledge courses include a description of how to use concept cartoons. You may have done this activity on our courses before, but now think about how you can use them to teach forces.

Concept cartoons are pictures which demonstrate a scientific idea and usually have up to four different statements about the idea. Usually one of the statements is correct and the other statements may be close to the correct idea or complete misconceptions. Sometimes concept cartoons are used where there is one statement completed and the others are left blank for the children to complete with their own concepts of the idea.

In Stuart Naylor and Brenda Keogh’s book Science Concept Cartoons (2014) they state that concept cartoons allow you to:

  • Make the learners’ ideas explicit
  • Challenge and develop the learners’ ideas
  • Illustrate alternative viewpoints
  • Provide a stimulus for discussion and argument
  • Promote thinking and reasoning
  • Help learners to ask their own questions
  • Provide starting points for investigation and enquiry
  • Create a sense of purpose
  • Pose open ended problems

Here is one example of a concept cartoon, with one of the characters asking a question (Why does the book not fall any further?) and the other characters with empty speech bubbles.

Concept cartoon: a photo of four soft toys gathered around a book on a sofa. One character says 'Why does the book not fall any further?' the rest of the characters have empty speech bubbles

There are blank spaces to be completed with possible misconceptions children may have. An example of a completed Concept Cartoon for the image above is also linked in the Downloads below.


For this task, you are going to complete one of the templates. We’d like you to share your completed templates onto the Concept Cartoon Padlet. Padlet is a virtual pin board for uploading your photos. You do not need to register an account to post to Padlet, but please do add your name to anything you post. Guidance on how to use Padlet.

  1. Download and complete one of the Concept Cartoons from the links below.
  2. Complete it, filling in the blanks with possible misconceptions children may have.
  3. Upload your completed Concept Cartoon to the Padlet.

Have a look at other completed ones. Are they similar to yours?

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