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How are you going to use the course ideas in your classroom?

Putting it into practice

We would like you to try out the ideas that we have introduced so far with some of your own classes or students. We have covered a lot of ground, so you won’t have time to do everything!

The material that we have covered this week focuses on introducing probability as a new topic.

  • If you have a initial probability lesson with a suitable class already scheduled and planned, you might like to review your plans, and decide what changes you could make as a result of what we have covered.
  • If you do not have a suitable lesson scheduled, we strongly recommend that you adjust your schedule to include a probability lesson, if at all possible. In the next step, we will describe a new activity that you could use as the basis for your planning.

Before we move on to planning the classroom activity, we would like you to think about this question:

  • What are the key ideas from Week 1 of the course that you are most keen to try in your classroom?

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