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Introduction to Week 4

Welcome back to the fourth and final week of Teaching Programming in Primary Schools.

Last week you learnt about variables, and used them to vote on your favourite animals, tell stories and catch ghosts. That means you’ve now learnt three of the four fundamental coding concepts we’ll be covering over the course of this … erm, course.

The fourth and final concept we’ll be looking at this week is selection. After learning what selection is, and examining some real-world examples, you’ll make use of selection in a range of cross-curricular Scratch projects. You’ll make a Capital Cities quiz and a program that classifies animals based on answers to yes/no questions.

As this is the final week, you will have the opportunity to combine everything you’ve learnt to create your own project.

There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion with other course members during this session. You’ll share and discuss the code you write, including any bugs or problems you encountered along the way. Remember that spotting and fixing bugs in your code is an important part of the learning process. You’ll also have opportunity to share and discuss ideas for teaching selection to your children.

Have a great final week!

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