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'A report page with the title 'Introduction'

The Introduction section

This week, we’ll begin with the Introduction section. This is where you’ll set the scene for the work that is to follow. It explains the reasons why you are conducting the work and puts your experiment in the context of the real world.

The Introduction provides the reader with the background to the work documented in the report. In your Introduction, you should:

  • Provide background information on the subject.
  • Reference work that has already been conducted on the same subject.
  • Write aims and objectives for your work.
  • Communicate the reasons why the work is being conducted.

What will the reader get out of this section?

From this section, the reader will know the problem that you are trying to learn more about. They will understand the context of the work and its key applications in the real world.

This will help them to grasp the significance of your results.

What skills will I learn this week?

You’ll learn how to add equations and use nomenclature in your report. We’ll also cover the basics of referencing and citation.

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