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Step 3: Share your improved network picture

In the previous step, you learned that you can effectively improve your network picture by positioning your network and drawing appropriate network boundaries as well as including actors, resources and activities, relationship direction and relationship strength.

Based on these, you are now going to improve the network picture you have created earlier:

  1. Start with the Post-its you arranged on a sheet of paper
  2. Re-arrange your Post-its considering your start-ups’ position and network boundaries
  3. Draw an arrow between the actors that share resources
  4. For each arrow list the resources that are shared
  5. Draw an arrow between the actors that share activities
  6. For each arrow list the activities that are shared

    An arrow can be:
    a. thick or thin to indicate relationship strength; and
    b. uni or bi-directional to indicate the relationship’s direction

  7. Make a photograph of the new network picture you created. (Please be careful. Do not to add any personally identifiable information about your networks here).
  8. Upload the photograph of your network picture: www.padlet.com

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