Skip to 0 minutes and 7 secondsHello and welcome to the course. I'm Cat Scutt and I'm Director of Education and Research at the Chartered College of Teaching. I'll be your host each week. I'll be joined by a number of expert teachers, school leaders and academics as we progress through the course, with each sharing their insights and experiences. There will also be a group of Chartered College of Teaching staff and members joining in discussions and sharing our insights in the comments throughout the course. The Chartered College of Teaching is the professional body for the teaching profession and we are committed to supporting teachers to access high quality research, connect with colleagues, and engage in effective professional development and learning.

Skip to 0 minutes and 40 secondsThis course aims to enable all of these things as we explore evidence-informed approaches to teaching and learning and the ways in which technology might support these. Evidence-informed practice involves drawing on academic research, your own professional knowledge and experience, and a range of other sources of evidence including data, the experiences of colleagues, and your knowledge of your pupils and context, to help you to make informed decisions in the classroom.

Skip to 1 minute and 11 secondsTo support you in developing evidence-informed practice and your use of technology, each week of the course will include a range of different resources and activities, including videos, research summaries, case studies, tools you can use in your school, quizzes, and reflection and discussion tasks.In this first week of the course, we'll explore why you might want to consider using technology as a tool to support learning as well as the challenges in doing so. You'll begin to consider the important question of how impact can be measured when you introduce technology into your school or classroom. We'll also explore how larger scale technology change can be effectively implemented.

Skip to 1 minute and 44 secondsIn future weeks, we'll be looking at how technology can be used to help communicate ideas effectively, to ensure that learning really sticks, and to support effective assessment and feedback. We're really looking forward to learning together with you. By the end of the four weeks, you'll have considered the challenges within your context that technology might help you to solve, and you'll have some evidence-informed approaches and tools to support with your journey, whether you're already using technology, or you're just starting out. At the end of the course, we'll be sharing a variety of ways in which you can choose to continue your learning with a community of teachers, leaders and educators that will develop here over the coming month.

Welcome to the course

Welcome to the ‘Using technology in evidence-based teaching and learning’ course with the Chartered College of Teaching.

On this course, you will explore case studies and research evidence from expert teachers and leading academics on how technology can be used to support teaching and learning at school.

By the end of the four weeks, you will have a clear sense of how technology can be implemented in purposeful ways to support learning and you’ll have some potential applications for your own context.

What’s coming up?

In Week 1, you’ll learn about why you might choose to use technology in education; the challenges and opportunities you might encounter, how impact can be evaluated and change implemented.

In Week 2, you’ll learn about building new knowledge and understanding. You’ll explore how knowledge can be presented effectively with the help of dual coding, cognitive load theory, and multimedia. You’ll consider what part effective collaboration might have in building understanding.

In Week 3, you’ll learn about how you can support pupils’ long-term retention of knowledge through approaches such as retrieval practice, elaboration, spacing and interleaving of learning and you’ll consider when technology might be a useful supporting tool.

In Week 4, you’ll learn about what makes assessment and feedback effective and you’ll consider the place of technology to support approaches such as live-marking, whole-class feedback, video and audio assessment.

Who will you learn with?

Cat Scutt, Director of Education and Research at the Chartered College of Teaching will be your lead educator for the course. Each week, she’ll be joined by a number of leading academics sharing how research evidence can help to inform decisions about the uses of technology, including Cathy Lewin, Christian Bokhove, Jonathan Firth and Paul Howard-Jones.

Hannah Tyreman, Head of Online Learning and Community at the Chartered College of Teaching will be the second educator in this course through weekly emails, quizzes, discussions, and other learning activities.

You’ll have the opportunity to hear from teachers, teaching assistants, leaders, pupils and parents from a range of settings.

You’ll also be joined on the course by a range of Chartered College of Teaching staff and members who will be responding to your comments in discussions.

Once you’re ready, click the ‘Mark as complete’ button below and then select ‘Making the most of your learning on this course’ to continue your learning.

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