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Thank you for being part of our learning community over the last four weeks.

We hope that you’ll have identified why you might choose to use technology as a tool to support learning in the classroom.

We hope that you’ll have enjoyed exploring the research evidence on effective presentation of new concepts, meaningful pupil collaboration, learning retention, and feedback.

We hope that insights into technology use in a wide range of school settings has given you ideas about how to apply your learning from this course in your own context.

Continuing your learning

We’re keen that you have a number of ways in which to continue your learning from this course so that you remain curious about evidence-based teaching and learning for your pupils.

The Chartered College of Teaching’s special issue of our peer-reviewed journal, Impact is available to view online now. Chartered College of Teaching members are able to access a variety of further bitesize online learning, research evidence and other learning content as part of the Chartered College of Teaching learning community. You can join us for £3.75 a month here. NQTs are entitled to half-price membership and student teachers can join us for free.

If you’ve enjoyed this course then you might be interested in joining the Chartered College of Teaching’s mailing list to hear about our latest work, including our future free online course on the leadership of education technologies, which will explore vision, strategy, workload, and professional development.

Throughout the course, we’ve shared a variety of research evidence for you to engage with and each week’s learning has been accompanied by a further learning list to extend your new knowledge and understanding. We have collated each of the week’s further learning into one list, which you can download at the bottom of this page.

If you’d like to explore more formal technology development opportunities, Apple, Microsoft and Google have further online training materials and certification opportunities:

If you’ve enjoyed learning with FutureLearn then you might also be interested in exploring other teaching courses that are coming up.

Here is one that looks particularly interesting:

Digital Skills for Teachers: Making Technology Work for You - you’ll improve your knowledge of digital technology and increase your confidence using digital tools. On this course from Girls’ Day School Trust, you’ll explore questions such as, what role does digital play in the classroom? How can teachers can build confidence with digital tools? How can teachers take part in meaningful continuing professional development? and how can teachers share knowledge and build successful digital relationships?

Thank you for being a part of our course community over the last 4 weeks. We look forward to continuing our learning together at the Chartered College of Teaching.

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