Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsWhich of the billions of neurons in your brain do you use to revise for your exams? Can a better understanding of the brain help you learn and improve your memory? In this section we will learn about learning. We will explore the anatomy of the brain and explain how neurons communicate with each other. And how this communication allows you to form memories. You will also learn about the key techniques that allow us to study the brain. For example how the brain is imaged starting from the whole brain all the way down to cells and molecules. We will see how researchers use simple model systems to study cognition which is the most complex function performed by the brain.

Welcome to Week 2

Welcome to our second week where we’ll be using our grey matter to explore… brains!

This week we’ll be looking at how signals are passed between neurons. We’ll explore how we learn skills and form memories and examine some of the experiments and techniques that have been used to better understand how brains work. To help you appreciate this, at the end of every Biology Toolbox in this section there is an At the Bench feature that includes a short video showing you how neuroscience-related research is conducted.

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