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Assessing your leadership traits

The first questionnaire you’re going to take is designed to assess your leadership traits.

This questionnaire should be filled in by yourself and also by other people who know you (ideally five). The purpose of this trait questionnaire is to give you a way to assess your strengths and weaknesses in leadership traits, and also to evaluate areas where your perceptions are in agreement with how others perceive you, and where there are differences.

Your task

Complete the leadership traits questionnaire by Northouse, which can be accessed from the Sage website here (click on ‘2.2_Leadership_Traits_Questionnaire.pdf’) and ask up to five other people to complete it about you.

Follow the instructions on page 2 to assess your results. What do you think about the scores you received? Were there any major differences between the perception of traits that you have and others’ perceptions about you? If so, why do you think that is?

Post your thoughts in the comments.

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The Evolution of Management and Leadership Theory

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