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A new week

This week, we will cover some of the key legal, social and ethical issues around the growing number of connected systems.

Everything presented here is intended to act as signposting, discussion points and scaffolding rather than trying to start your legal career. It’s a complicated and evolving area, so no matter what you read here or elsewhere, if you find you need to know exactly what the answer is to a legal question, you should consider consulting an expert.

These issues might seem unimportant compared to the technical challenges being overcome, or the progress being made, but software and other digital works are essential parts of almost everything we do in the modern world. It’s easy to find ourselves in situations where something that seemed insignificant becomes vitally important, or frighteningly impactful – data being used to sway elections or the possibility of accidentally breaking laws that could cost thousands in fines are just two examples.

Your task

What are you most looking forward to this week?

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