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Review of the week

This week, we have examined the legal and social issues surrounding the new wave of connected devices. It is a rapidly changing field, with constant debate and emerging legislation, so always remember to check what the current state of the law is.

Recent changes in public awareness of how their data is being used has led to discussion of the moral and ethical side of IoT technology, such as the Westminster debate on the IoT in which Chi Onwurah, a shadow minister, likened the potential benefit of IoT to that of the Industrial Revolution and warned about the potential for the elite to benefit greatly at the expense of the many.

It is impossible to know for sure what the future holds, but being informed and taking part in the discussion might make the difference between the futures predicted by optimists and pessimists.

We hope that you have enjoyed your learning journey to date and feel more confident in your understanding of the unique nature of both the prevalence of, and the legal, social and ethical issues in the Internet of Things.

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