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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsAt Wolff Olins, how do we help clients think about the idea that they want to stand for-- what their brand is going to be all about? Well, we have, actually, a very simple diagram, which we tend to call the Butterfly Diagram, which helps us and clients think that through. And I'll just explain it to you now. It consists of two circles that overlap. So there's the first one. And the first one is about the outside world.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 secondsAnd the second one is about the inside world of you, the client. And our belief is that a really strong brand idea, whether it's proposition, or personality, or purpose, lies at the intersection of those two circles. What are the circles about? Well, the top one, very simply, is, you could think of it in this way-- What's wrong with your world? If you're a bank, what's wrong with the world of banking? If you're a mobile phone network, what's wrong with the world of mobile communication? If you're a pharmaceutical company, what's wrong with the world of health care? And then the second circle is-- What's special about you? Not necessarily what's unique. Not necessarily what's perfect.

Skip to 1 minute and 38 secondsNot necessarily what's true every day, all the time. But you, on your best day as an organisation, what is really interesting and special about you? And we believe if there are some things that are special about you that address things that are wrong with the world, then that intersection is where you're going to start to find a really interesting brand idea. And the one other dimension which is really important to remember about this is the timeline. Because this is all about the future, rather than the past. So we're constantly thinking about this dynamically. What's wrong with your world, and how is that changing? What's special about you, and how is that changing?

Skip to 2 minutes and 19 secondsAnd how can we capture that as an idea that can then be used to build your brand?

Brand butterfly - how to create a brand purpose

When you’re setting out to define a brand – to define what you want to stand for – how do you arrive at the core idea? In this video, Robert Jones shows a very simple framework used by Wolff Olins, called the butterfly.

How would you use this in the way you define a brand? Think about how the elements contribute to the whole.

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