Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds- With my background, coming from a country where there is no freedom of speech, freedom of assembly.

Skip to 0 minutes and 16 secondsThere is torture, arrestation, killing, crackdown on people,

Skip to 0 minutes and 25 secondsall of that, because I used to be a nurse, and all that just makes me change my pathway

Skip to 0 minutes and 36 secondsto start standing up for the rights of people, standing up for the rights of the voiceless, be the voice for them, because they can't express themselves. - I think Amnesty really inspires me to take action for a more inclusive society, because we have so many different activities, so many different interests. We're a very broad organization in the sense that human rights affect everybody, human rights are all-inclusive, and so I think it's really great to be part of Amnesty and affecting human rights change on any level, whether that's as a local activist, writing letters, lobbying local politicians, members of Parliament, whether that's-- Yeah, organizing events, fundraising. It's really important.

Skip to 1 minute and 33 secondsHuman rights change costs a lot of money, and it's great to raise money in all sorts of different ways to support various different causes. - I'm inspired to take action for a more inclusive society through, and this is perhaps a surprise, through habit. Because I've spent some time as an Amnesty activist, one of the best things it's given me is a habit of trying to make a connection between things that don't seem to work and things that we can do about it, and I believe that having that habit of engagement is really essential, or at least it helps, to put yourself behind an inclusive society, to put your own action behind moving us to a more inclusive society, but yeah, you can be inspired by motion as well, by ideals, but habit's just as good.

What inspires you to take action for a more inclusive society?

People have for various reasons joined in the fight to ensure that our societies are inclusive. What are some of the inspirations that make people want to take action?


Where do you see similarities between the stories in the video? What inspires you to take action for a more inclusive society?

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