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T_ P dependence of heat capacity

Heat capacity

♦  Temperature dependence of heat capacity

     • \(C\)\(p\) usually give as \(C\)\(p\)=\(a\)+\(bT\)+\(cT\)−\(2\)+\(dT\)\(2\)
     • When phase changes → Heat capacity changes abruptly

♦  Pressure dependence of heat capacity

     • \(C\)\(p\) of ideal gas
       For ideal gas, \(C\)\(p\) is independence of pressure. Each molecule behaves        independently.

     • \(C\)\(p\) of solid
       In most cases, \(C\)\(p\) is a function of temperature and not a function of        pressure, but at high pressire, \(C\)\(p\) is strongly dependent on pressure.

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