Retro tutorial - Week 1

There’s no better way to consolidate learning in Engineering Mechanics than quietly working through problems using pencil and paper (that’s why we call this a ‘Retro Tutorial’). It can be satisfying too.

‘Retro’ means a modern version of an older style, like a modern car based on a classic from a past era. Tutorial means questions for you to practise your new skills on. You will do them on paper with a pencil and a scientific calculator.

This tutorial is mainly about springs. If you do all the questions it might take 45 minutes.

Download the tutorial in the Downloads section below and work through the questions. It includes solutions. It’s probably best if you try the problem first before looking at the solution. We find that those who look at the solution and decide “I could have done that” are often kidding themselves.

Talking points

  • What are your thoughts on the Retro Tutorial?

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