Retro tutorial - Week 1

Once again, here’s your opportunity to quietly work through problems using pencil and paper.

In this Retro tutorial you will recognise two-force objects. Then you’ll find centres of gravity for a range of objects - of increasing difficulty. Don’t forget to use the table method.

Expect to spend 40 minutes if you do them all and are methodical in your working.

Download the tutorial in the Downloads section below and work through the questions. It includes solutions. It’s probably best if you try the problem first before looking at the solution.

Talking points

  • What are your thoughts on the annulus and the ‘C’ shaped bracket where there is not a direct path between the load points (i.e. there is a hole in the middle of the annulus, and a gap in the ‘C’ shaped bracket)?
  • What was your experience in using a table - or if you didn’t use a table, why didn’t you?

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