Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsThis week we started to move but we could still apply statics because there were no accelerations. Well, to be precise, none in the direction we were travelling in. We still needed free-body diagrams, of course. You've encountered new forces and how engineers estimate them, such as rolling resistance and aerodynamic drag. When forces move, work is being done, and work leads us to power. Work and power normally wait for dynamics but you've learned enough to get the basic idea. Power is the mechanical engineers stock-in-trade. You've made a start in understanding it. Next week we'll end this course. You'll learn some dynamics and also how to play shove ha'penny.

Skip to 1 minute and 2 secondsEngineer's eyes will help you to understand shove ha'penny but they aren’t guaranteed to help you be more successful at it.

Through Engineers' Eyes

You are on your way towards gaining ‘engineers’ eyes’. This short video explains what you have encountered and what is to come.

Talking points

  • How are you going so far?
  • Do you agree that the equation for wind load is beautiful?
  • We wanted to include power in this course because it can be thrilling. Was it a good idea?
  • Any other thoughts?

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