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Skip to 0 minutes and 24 seconds Hello, everybody. I am Professor Wu Bihu. This is the Chinese way. If you like the English way or western style, you could call me Tiger Bihu Wu. I am a Professor at Peking University, but at the same time, I am a visiting Professor to Nankai University. I am very happy that I have this opportunity to talk something about overview of tourism planning or a general understanding of tourism planning studies. In this class, we will talk something in a overview of the general understanding about planning in the context of tourism development and some very brief introduction to the history of this subject of studies.

Skip to 1 minute and 14 seconds And the third thing I’d like to tell you or share my understanding about the real process how to make a real tourism planning. In the last part of this lecture, I’d like to also tell you something about the future of these studies.

Skip to 1 minute and 36 seconds First, I’d like to share my understanding about the planning in the context of tourism development. What does it mean “planning”? Tourism development is meaning, you know, considered very important in many countries and in many cities. Tourism development as a part of local economy or as a part of urban planning and also for some purpose of tourism planning is a very important topic. So, I think first we should understand something in a concern of local economy. You know in every country, in every place, we have experienced the process that from the first industry to the secondary industry and to tertiary industry.

Skip to 2 minutes and 30 seconds Tourism as a part of tertiary industry is not at the very beginning, but gradually some place that we witness the development from the first to the third or the tertiary industry. So in many places that we want to develop tourism in their later phases of the regional development. But where or which place that need a tourism planning or need a tourism industry. In those places, I think, rich in tourism resources, like we have very beautiful landscape have a rich history heritage or something like that, but the transportation or the economic development is not very good, those areas need tourism industry. And in some, you know, very densely populated area or urbanized area, we need tourism or recreation or entertainment industry.

Skip to 3 minutes and 33 seconds But we also could find that in natural resource exhausted places, like you know the industry or the economy, depend very seriously on coal mining in some natural resources development area. But when the resource is used out and then we turned to you know tourism industry. And some place that in remote area the minor nationality lives. I think it’s a good place for the tourism development. And you know at different phases of our place of tourism or economic development, the significance of tourism also changes time by time. When a country that need more foreign currency, the international tourism could earn some foreign currency for the place.

Skip to 4 minutes and 35 seconds And when the manufacture is you know very well, and too many things, you know, are made in the factory, and then the economy needs to turn to service economy. And also some places that have the economic crisis or you know when the place that finished their industrialized development stage, like the UK they need some new economy, like creative industry. At this time, tourism will come up.

Skip to 5 minutes and 13 seconds Tourism development is not only important for economy change, but also very important for urban planning. You know, as early as 1933, people decided that a city need four basic function, like recreation transportation manufacturing and live. So I think at least recreation and tourism is as important as dormitory or the living or the transportation sectors in the city. So when we make a city planning we want to put tourism or recreation as a very necessary important part of city planning. When we talk about the city planning, we will often find that in many places especially in developing country we have not enough city open spaces for the kids, for the senior people or some disabled people.

Skip to 6 minutes and 28 seconds So we want to find more playing ground or, you know, just for relaxation for the city residents. So, this is something urban planning that wants to solve for the local resident. In the city, the business travel or mega-event or meeting incentive or conference or exhibition, in short as MICE, it’s also very important for our city development. So when we make a tourism planning, we want to concern with the business travel or mega-events organization something like that. So keep urbanized area and the surrounding rural areas also should be considered in a city planning. So from the aspect of city planning, tourism development is also very important. This is the second point that I’d like to share with you.

Skip to 7 minutes and 30 seconds The third point is that tourism planning for tourism development is quite important. Because, you know, when tourism as a new sector comes to our local economy, we want to make a special planning for new development. So, this is the third topic or third point. Sure, the tourism development could be made a different level, like national level regional level or local level.

Skip to 8 minutes and 12 seconds You know, in many places that when we make a tourism planning, new development is very important for many new sectors. Tourism is a new sector to some places. At this aspect we often notice the first thing is tourism resource, because tourism resource is a pillar of tourism development. It’s very difficult that we make a tourism system without quite well resources. What is the major purpose of tourism development planning - the “product”. We often said that the most important thing we should repeat three times. So I would like to tell you that product product product is very important for you. On the whole, you know, course is tourism planning tourism product is the most important thing.

Skip to 9 minutes and 12 seconds Many stakeholders are involved in the tourism development planning, for government, for community, for where the money came from, from the investor. And also why we make a tourism planning or make a development planning, we want to attract more tourists to come here. So the fourth important stakeholder is tourism market or tourists themselves. In this class, we talk something in an overview understanding of tourism planning and we talk about why we need a tourism development planning. We consider tourism development is important for local economy for a city planning and for a general tourism planning Thank you.

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