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Why is training needed?

There are two main reasons why training is needed.

First, training within organisations is often necessary due to change.

In today’s society, there’s an enormous amount of change and it is both constant and fast paced. For example, in organisations today there is continual change in relation to the digital workplace, the ageing workforce, and the rise in remote and flexible working.

All of these factors have an impact on individuals, teams and organisations. Ultimately, these changes give rise to training needs within organisations, increasing the need for additional training, as well as the need for changes in current training programmes.

The second main reason is personal development.

Increasingly in the 21st century, employees want to be able to progress in their careers and expect opportunities for development that relate not only directly to their work, but also to their general wellbeing.

It is therefore important that organisations provide such training opportunities. These opportunities can lead to increased happiness, job satisfaction and motivation, benefiting not only the individual but also the team and wider organisation.

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