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Welcome to this six-week course!

In this video, Professor Wei-Chung Yang, the director of the PhD. Program of Translational medicine at Taipei Medical University (TMU), will introduce the course.

Besides the first week of introduction, we introduce five key topics, starting from the most basic gene research and ending in clinical trials in a hospital setting. We will go through the topics week by week.

There are 16 academics involved in this course, including faculties of the PhD Program for Translational Medicine and the PhD Program for Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery. Moreover, we have invited the current president, Prof. Yen, to give a special talk in one of his researches.

We would like you to get an idea that this interdisciplinary course might involve genomics, proteomics, cell biology, physics, pathology, oncology, material science, and informatics. You may find a point in this ecological circle that you are interested in.

Please enjoy the content we prepared for you in the following weeks.

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Introduction to Translational Research: Connecting Scientists and Medical Doctors

Taipei Medical University

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