EGFR drug design

Main concept: Turning the receptor off

Just because a signal activates the EGF receptor, it needs to be turned off as well.

 Concept: turning the receptor off

But the question is ‘how’? The strategy is explained in the next figure:

  1. Imagine the EGF biding site of EGFR as a key-point. This key-point is localized on a door of the gateway to disease.
  2. This key-point is opened by a specific key (EGF).
  3. Once the door is open, the gateway to the disease will be cleared.
  4. Unusual activation of EGFR will damage our health.
  5. However, if this key-point is blocked by a key-like molecule, the door and gateway to the disease will be closed.
  6. This key-like molecule can be a drug.

The strategy of drug design

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