Introduction to week 1

In your first week of this seven week course on ‘Understanding Continence Promotion’ you will be exploring the principles of ‘Continence Promotion’ and how they differ from principles of ‘Managing Incontinence’.

  • You will consider how bladder and/or bowel dysfunction impacts on the person and on their relationships with family and friends
  • You will start to look at how your own, and society’s attitudes towards bladder and bowel dysfunction are shaped and also how, and if, they might be challenged
  • You will finish the week by looking at the continence paradigm and how using it helps to determine the overall purpose of continence activities, as well as the anticipated outcomes

Checking your progress …

When you reach the end of a step and have understood everything, select the ‘Mark as complete’ button. This will update your progress page, and will help you to keep track of which steps you’ve done. Any steps you’ve completed will turn blue on your ‘To do’ list.

You can check your progress page by selecting the icon at the top of the step, where you’ll see what percentage of the course steps you’ve marked as complete.

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Understanding Continence Promotion: Effective Management of Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in Adults

Association for Continence Advice

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