The 'Incontinence' Poem

Here is a simple poem to help you remember the common types of incontinence:

Stress equals ‘squirts’, when the pressure is on;

Cough, sneeze or trampoline and the urine is gone.

Urgency means ‘hurry, I just gotta go’….

Pee runs downs my legs, if my response is too slow.

Mixed is most common, the older we get;

But is it the ‘urge’ or the ‘stress’ that makes us most wet?

When I strain but my pee stops/starts and stream’s slow,

and ends with a dribble; it’ll be overflow.

If it’s my health, not my bladder, stops me getting to a loo,

Functional leaks may occur, of both pee and poo;

So, its crucial to assess, and decide on my type,

To personalise my treatment, and make sure it is right.

Jo Booth 2018

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