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Skip to 0 minutes and 2 seconds The way I cope with my bowel problem is that I try and keep, not constipated, but try and keep my stool firmer, because if I am too loose and I can’t control it, I just can’t, because I cant feel my pelvic floor properly, I can’t feel tensing my back passage. So, by keeping it slightly firmer allows me to have that control. Because I can empty it myself if I need to.

Skip to 0 minutes and 39 seconds In time, I think probably anal irrigation will be the way to go, but at the moment I am still managing to go myself. Are you managing the firmness of your stool with diet or any medication? My diet, my diet completely, and I used to work with someone who said that to eat a big fleshy orange every day that that would really help, and I do do that and that really helps. I have porridge and I have everything that will help. Even though I have all of those things at one time in my life, if I had ate oranges and porridge and things like that I would have been dashing to the toilet every few minutes.

Skip to 1 minute and 18 seconds But I don’t any more because my bowel is obviously sluggish. But I eat all my fruits, five fruits, vegetables. I eat loads of things like that to try. And I think as well that keeps me healthier just generally.

Self-managing bowel dysfunction

Diet can be important when self-managing bowel dysfunction.

‘Anne’ has neurogenic bowel dysfunction as well as neurogenic bladder dysfunction.

Watch her explaining what she does to manage her bowel dysfunction which is caused by multiple sclerosis.

Your task

Refer to the table of different laxatives and decide what type of laxative you might recommend to help ‘Anne’ if she was no longer able to self-manage her bowel using diet.

From the video, what does she tell you about her bowel functioning that would help you to decide the type of laxative that might best help her?

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