Facebook Live Video for Week 3

This week, the team of course educators held a Facebook Live broadcast to answer some of the questions which you posted on Step 3.2 during the week and and questions you asked during the broadcast.

Below are some of the resources that the educators talked about, as well as others that you might find useful.

To get used to different accents, you can practise listening to the ones you’re likely to hear in IELTS with BBC Radio, ABC News Radio - Australia, Radio New Zealand and CBC Radio - Canada. And you might enjoy this fun video of seventeen different British accents - all from one person! The Dialect Blog is another great place to learn about different accents around the UK.

Also check out this useful list of TED Talks audio. It’s updated every week with new podcasts, so you’re sure to find something you like. TED Ed video lessons are also great practice.

We mentioned our Professionals Podcasts, but did you know you can also download our free app for Android or iOS? Download and listen anywhere, together with extra features to help you practise.

For help with spelling, check How to spell, BBC Spelling for adults and Oxford Dictionary Spelling. And for help with handwriting, try Better Handwriting.

If you want to practise listening at a specific level, try these Listening skills practice resources, where you can select exam-style audios and exercises at your level. Graded listening is an audio fiction series at three different levels.

Finally, you can practise listening to and writing down short dictations, including names and numbers here.

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Booking a test

Now that you’ve completed the third week of this Understanding IELTS course, you may be thinking about registering for IELTS.

The British Council provides IELTS testing in more than 500 locations worldwide. To find your nearest test centre and book a test, visit this British Council IELTS booking site.

If you have any questions about booking the IELTS test or test locations, you can ask them in the comments below.

Coming up in Week 4

Next week we’ll be looking at the General Training Writing test. If you want to get started straight away, go to the To do list for Week 4.

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