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Carlos and Seema: the future

Longer term, if diabetes is uncontrolled for a number of months to years, both Carlos and Seema will be at increased risk of a number of serious health problems.

Did you know? That long term uncontrolled diabetes can contribute to premature occlusion/blockage of key blood vessels in the body.

This can be associated with damage to the organs that these blood vessels supply.

Key organs affected by uncontrolled hyperglycaemia in diabetes:

  • Brain (increased risk of stroke)
  • Eyes (increased risk of visual deterioration and blindness)
  • Heart (increased risk of heart attack and heart failure)
  • Kidneys (increased risk of kidney failure, that could progress to dialysis)
  • Feet (increased risk of developing foot ulcers, which can become infected and poor circulation can also increase the risk of amputation)

So again, it is very important to control the amount of glucose in the blood as much as possible.

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