Welcome to week 2

Welcome to week 2.

This week we look in greater depth at how insulin works and what happens in diabetes and at the types of insulin that are available for clinical use.

You will discover …

  • how insulin controls key pathways and acts on carbohydrates, fats and proteins

  • what the effect of diabetes is on the pancreas and how this affects insulin production

  • what insulin resistance is and how it affects the organs in the body

  • how low insulin levels in type 1 diabetes can cause a diabetic emergency

  • why there are so many types of ‘replacement’ insulin available for use and how they are commonly classified

  • what treatment regimen choices Carlos (with type 1 diabetes) is offered

Please remember: As stated in the step 1.2 disclaimer, given that this is a resource to inform learners about insulin, it is natural that diabetes will be mentioned throughout. Saying that, information about diabetes will not be covered in detail; neither will other diabetes treatments, as the key focus here is insulin.

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Understanding Insulin

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