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Welcome to week 3

Welcome to week 3.

This week we look in greater depth at the clinical situation in which it is appropriate to use insulin and how to prescribe and administer insulin safely.

You will discover …

  • how insulin is used in the treatment of hyperglycaemia

  • what treatment regimen Carlos chooses to fit in with his lifestyle

  • how important it is to store insulin carefully

  • what symptoms Seema was experiencing, after 10 years of type 2 diabetes without needing insulin injections, that led her doctor to start treating her with insulin injections

  • what makes an insulin prescription safe

  • what the routes for insulin administration are

  • when the use of insulin intravenously by infusion is appropriate

Please remember: As stated in the step 1.2 disclaimer, given that this is a resource to inform learners about insulin, it is natural that diabetes will be mentioned throughout. Saying that, information about diabetes will not be covered in detail; neither will other diabetes treatments, as the key focus here is insulin.

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