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Video update on the week's activities

Jo Dixon provided feedback on the week’s activities via a near real-time video update.

Watch the video review in youtube

Conversations to join

Connectivititillating, a new term coined by our learning community! Thanks Scott for bringing it to life and Nicholas for keeping it alive!

Noel feels like he’s “sipping water from a fire hydrant”

Top thread statistically this week started by Liz about ELF, EFL, ESL, ESP…

Another popular one: a parallel universe, how languages impact on how you see the world and language as identity

Paola ponders Brexit

Kim wonders about the role of social media in the future of English and ELF

Maria doubts that any other language could replace English as a global lingua franca but Kamal reckons Chinese could be a good contender. What do you think?

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