Video update on the week's activities

Jo Dixon, one of our online mentoring team has provided feedback on the week’s activities in a video update.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

This video was recorded on Saturday 3rd November, 2018, at Southampton.

Share pictures of your classrooms

Our Padlet wall is now working on step 2.6. We apologise for a technical error which meant you could not post anything. Please go ahead and post an image of your classroom so we can see what your teaching contexts look like.

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Feedback on step 2.2

The role of the teacher step 2.4

TBL step 2.8

Not every theory works in all contexts step 2.15

Further resources

We recorded a discussion between our Lead Educators in 2015, when we ran this course for the second time. The recording is very long (45 mins) but if you wish to learn more about CLIL and TBLT, you may find it useful.

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