Video update on the week's activities

Josh Underwood has provided an update on the week’s activities.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

This video was recorded on 9th November, in Spain.

Conversations to join

Desiree on whether the course will change her mind on online learning. Has it changed yours?

Lynda on learning depending on a learner’s interest - ‘taking a horse to water…’

Burdoc on the need to be critical

Katrina’s use of Trello to keep track of her learning

Julia’s suggestion on how to improve the course with quizzes

KJH on issues around others accepting the course certification

Further resources

Special issue of Language Learning and Technology ‘CALL in the Digital Wilds’

Kathleen Morris’s resources on online skills

Find some good tools for language learning here or here

“Address me personally!”: On the role of language styles in a MOOC, an article by Riehemann, J and Jucks, R. in the Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning, 2018.

Information on mobile phones and language learning from the British Council

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