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Video update on the week's activities

Two members of the online mentoring team have provided feedback on the week’s activities via a near real-time video update on our YouTube Channel.

Review of week 1 by Kate Borthwick and Manuel Leon.

In this review, we talk about:

  • the online MA in English Language Teaching
  • the bottleneck hypothesis
  • the poll
  • what is hard/easy in second language learning

Motivation in action: Towards a process-oriented conceptualisation of student motivation by Professor Zoltan Dörnyei.

Find more work by Professor Zoltan Dörnyei

Roumyana’s article “What is easy and what is hard to acquire in a second language”

Roumyana’s latest book is called ‘Second Language Acquisition (Oxford Core Linguistics),’ published March 2016 by Oxford University Press.

Information about the UoS/BC online MA in ELT

Join our conversation about the online MA. Post your questions as replies to this thread and we’ll do our best to answer!

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